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“Joshua Messado’s involvement of the spectator is not something tacked on to the end of a magic performance. His routines make the spectator central to the magic.”


Joshua Messado started Messado Magic over 20 years ago at the Houdini’s magic theatre in Atlantic City, NJ.  There he found his passion for performing and discovered the linking rings, which is now his signature effect. Messado Rings are now a staple in the magic community known as "Ringistry".

After Houdini’s, he co-owned a magic shop and theatre in Philadelphia, PA for several years. His career in magic led to national and international television appearances as seen on Wizard Wars with Penn and Teller, SyFy Channel (USA), Temple University TV (USA), Illusions of grandeur, OLN (Canada) and recently on Farid Magic 13, Pro7 (Germany). He performed at reputable theatres like the Magic Castle in Hollywood, Chicago Magic Lounge, and Monday Night Magic in New York.

He is well equipped with stunning sleight of hand with comedic timing to amaze a wide variety of spectators: corporate shows, college market, resorts, celebrities, adults and children alike. References are ranging from TD Bank, Tropicana Casino to David Copperfield.


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